Interested in starting with Acushnet Marine as a deckhand? Take our quick test.
1 How is a line coiled?
2 What would you do if the captain told you to double up the headline?
3 What would you do if you smelled smoke coming from the engine room?
4 If the eye of the headline parted and you did not have time to splice a new eye, what would you do?
5 Can you splice an eye in a line?
6 What is the proper way to secure a line?
7 What are running lights and their colors?
8 Can you make a half hitch?
9 Can you make a bowline?
10 What is a hawser?
11 What is a fid?
12 If the captain told you, "Let it all go." What does he mean?
13 When making up a tow alongside, what line goes out first?
14 You have just landed a scow at the dock. The tug is still made up to it. The captain told you to start breaking out. What line would you let go first?
15 When towing an unmanned scow on a hawser astern, the captain tells you to put the running lights on the scow. What would you do? What colors are the lights and where would you put them?
16 When pushing a scow ahead, what lights belong on it? What colors are they?
17 Why would you double up lines?
18 If a man falls overboard, what are the first three things that you would do?
19 What is a life ring equipped with?
20 What does five or more blasts on the whistle or horn mean? What would you do?