The captain of any Acushnet Marine vessel is designated as the person in charge of carrying out this plan. All crew members are responsible for strictly adhering to the following rules:

1. No wastes of any kind, other dishwater and grey water, may be discharged overboard without the express permission of the captain. No exceptions. Captain must log discharge.

2. Garbage, Trash and Plastics. No garbage, trash and especially no plastics of any kind may be discharged overboard at any time. This includes aluminum cans, plastic containers, paper goods, wood scraps, synthetic line and all other ship-generated trash. All crewmembers will deposit trash, garbage and plastic in the appropriate containers. These must be taken ashore and disposed of properly. It is the captain’s responsibility to log all shore side trash disposals and to keep any invoices for these disposals.

3. Sewage. This vessel is equipped with a sewage treatment plant. The captain is responsible to insure that it is maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and 33 Code of Federal Regulations Part 159. Sewage holding tanks (Type III) must be periodically discharged ashore. The captain must log all sewage discharges and keep invoices of disposal.

4. Waste Oil. No petroleum-based product may be discharged overboard. Any oil discharge must be reported to the U.S. Coast Guard immediately. The captain’s next call must be to the office. The captain is responsible for ensuring that the vessel’s bilges are free of any appreciable oil. This must include daily bilge checks and seeing that waste oil is stored in appropriate containers. The captain must log all oil/fuel transfers and any discharges. Any oily rags and/or absorbent materials used to contain oil, will be placed in a covered metal pail and discharged ashore.

All persons discharging waste materials ashore will obey all applicable local, state and federal laws. If in doubt, ask the captain. Any person failing to comply with this plan will face termination. I have read and understand this policy.

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